Rapid Solids Analysis in Coatings, Paints, & Resins

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Process control of solids and volatiles is critical in the manufacturing of coatings, paints, and resins. Tight control of these parameters ensures proper formulations and improves overall yields. Raw materials and finished products in these industries are sold and purchased according to their respective COA’s (Certificate of Analysis), thereby necessitating the need for strict process control parameters.


The SMART 6 Moisture & Solids Analyzer is uniquely designed to fit the needs of the large variety of sample types in these markets, from water or solvent-based products, to powder coatings. The system utilizes dual-frequency energy, specifically microwave and infrared, to rapidly analyze solids and volatiles. The low frequency microwaves penetrate the entire sample and rapidly remove volatiles through dipole rotation, while high frequency infrared energy evenly heats the surface and removes non-polar components through molecular vibration. The two energy sources work in unison, providing benefits over microwave-only and infrared-only analyzers.


To demonstrate the ability of the SMART 6 Moisture and Solids Analyzer for rapid solids analysis, an assortment of 12 polar and non-polar coatings, paints, and resins samples were analyzed. The samples spanned a range of ca. 0.40 – 55.50 % solids.