Rapid Total Solids & Fat in Cream

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Cream is important in the global dairy industry as both a finished product and as a raw ingredient for a variety of other consumer dairy products such as butter, ice cream, sour cream, coffee creamer, and many others. Produced most commonly by separating the butterfat from unhomogenized milk, it is categorized (graded) according to its butterfat content, which generally ranges from approximately 18 % for light cream to more than 36 % for heavy cream. As a result of the high value of butterfat, accurate fat analysis is critical for dairy manufacturers processing cream. Solids analysis is also an important quality control metric as it strongly impacts texture, taste, grade, and overall quality.

The SMART 6 – ORACLE is a combination system for rapid solids and fat determination, coupling dual-frequency drying (iPower) in the SMART 6 with advanced NMR technology in the ORACLE. Dual-frequency drying in the SMART 6 allows for rapid and precise solids determination in both powdered and liquid cream samples. The ORACLE is a rapid time-domain NMR (TD-NMR) instrument incorporating breakthrough technology that allows for direct determination of fat in food products. By completely isolating the detection of fat even in complex sample matrices, the ORACLE eliminates the need for method development. Together, the paired system delivers rapid, accurate, and precise total solids and fat in cream. To demonstrate the ability of the SMART 6 – ORACLE to determine the solids and fat content in cream, an assortment of 11 different cream samples (including two Certified Reference Materials) were obtained and analyzed.