SMART 6 Accessories


The first ever rapid fat analyzer with no method development.

ORACLE is the first ever rapid fat analyzer with no method development. It can analyze any food sample in less than 30 seconds and offers unmatched repeatability versus wet chemistry techniques. This is based on a revolutionary advancement of NMR technology developed in 2016 that completely isolates detection of protons on fat molecules from all other NMR signals. To date, this performance has not been achieved with existing rapid technologies (NMR, NIR, FT-NIR).

• Analyze virtually any food product without wet chemistry
• No method development
• More repeatable than extraction techniques
• Options for rapid moisture/solids and sample
   automation (up to 100 samples)


A rapid and affordable fat analyzer for raw/pre-blended meat.

Rapidly determine fat, moisture, and protein content of raw and pre-blended meat with the ProFat system. This compact system can be placed at-line and allows for process control, using least cost formulation. The ProFat is an economical solution that provides highly accurate and repeatable fat analysis. This is based on the ProFat’s ability to analyze the entire sample, which is an advantage, compared to near-infrared (NIR) techniques that only analyze a small sample area.

• Accurate fat analysis of raw meat in < 2.5 minutes
• Provides easy verification of in-line X-ray or NIR systems
• Does not drift, and requires no recalibration
• Implements least cost formulation

Additional Accessories


Communicator Data Management

Automatically collect data, sort and analyze statistics based on dates, methods and results, or chart results to easily view out-of-spec data.

Dairy Products

Integrated Printer

Print results, method information and system information with the optional thermal printer.


Bar Code Reader

Scan bar codes for samples quickly
and easily with the handheld Bar Code Reader. Integrated software stores sample numbers and test results.


Intelli-Temp™ Calibrator

The Intelli-Temp Calibrator heats to a precise temperature and maintains that temperature while the integrated software calibrates the temperature sensor in the analyzer. It takes only minutes to keep your SMART 6 in the best possible operating condition.