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Focused Waveguide

The circular design of the waveguide focuses the microwave energy towards the reaction vessel, creating a highly uniform field of microwave energy in the center of the cavity where the reaction vessel rests. This provides consistent heating and the ability to rapidly heat up to temperature.

Efficient Cavity Design

As the chemical properties of the reaction change, the slits in the cavity wall allow the reaction to draw in more or less microwave energy, ensuring the reaction is optimally energized. This unique design makes efficient use of power and provides safe and controlled heating.


Safe IntelliVent™ Overpressure Technology

To manage pressure, the by-product of heating above the boiling point, IntelliVent technology continuously monitors the vessel for overpressure occurrences and automatically vents the vessel in a controlled manner.


Large 300-mL Cavity

The large cavity allows the use of standard round bottom flasks and provides full-hand access for routine maintenance, as tools are not required to access the cavity. A spill cup lining the cavity makes cleaning easy, minimizes downtime should a vessel failure occur, and protects the IR temperature sensor.

525_draw_discover_ir_web.jpgVariable Electromagnetic Stirring

Adjustable speed stirring allows proper agitation for each and every reaction.

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