EasyPrep vessels are the most rugged, framed vessel offered by CEM, perfect for inorganic and materials research labs with high-temperature or high-pressure applications. This Teflon vessel set has the option of either a Teflon coated (EasyPrep) or sapphire (EasyPrep Plus) thermowell, and uses a fiber optic probe or CEM’s patented dual infrared and fiber optic (DuoTemp™) technology to monitor and control reaction temperatures up to 300 °C. EasyPrep vessels also have active pressure monitoring and CEM’s patented “vent and reseal” cap to prevent pressurization in excess of 800 psi. As mentioned, the EasyPrep vessel is the only vessel with an entirely Teflon-wetted surface, making it well-suited for the highly alkaline solutions seen in zeolite, metal organic framework, and other material syntheses.

Maximum Capacity Vessel Material Vessel Volume Maximum Temperature Maximum Control Pressure
Up to 12 Vessels Teflon 100 mL 300 °C 800 psi