The GlassChem vessel set is ideal for general use in organic, inorganic, or teaching laboratories. The simple 3-part design provides ease of use, minimizes cost, and makes cleaning the vessels easy. Chemistries with temperatures up to 180 °C can be performed with fiber optic temperature control and CEM’s patented “vent and reseal” cap, which automatically releases pressure at 200 psi to prevent over-pressurization of the reaction vessel. For research applications, GlassChem vessels can scale up reactions for multi-gram production through parallel synthesis. In teaching labs, class sections of up to 36 students can run experiments simultaneously. Organometallic coupling reactions, condensations, cyclizations, rearrangements, and many other reactions can be completed faster than ever with GlassChem vessels.

Maximum Capacity Vessel Material Vessel Volume Maximum Temperature Maximum Control Pressure
Up to 24 or 36 Vessels Pyrex 20 mL 180 °C 200 psi