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  1. Torque Wrench (calibrated to 5 ft-lbs) Learn More
  2. Turntable for HP-500 Plus/GreenChem Vessels Learn More
  3. Glass Thermowell
    SKU: 430676

    Glass, 5.25 inches (13.3 cm) long, set of 2 Learn More
  4. Control Frame Module
    SKU: 431920

    Control Frame Module Learn More
  5. Glass control vessel assembly for the GlassChem vessel set. Learn More
  6. Pressure/temperature control cover for the GlassChem vessel set. Learn More
  7. Glass Liner
    SKU: 431671

    Glass liner for GreenChem vessel. Learn More
  8. Vessel sleeve for GreenChem glass liner. Learn More
  9. Glass standard vessel assembly for the GreenChem vessel set. Learn More
  10. Glass Standard Cover
    SKU: 431606

    Standard glass cover for GreenChem vessels. Learn More
  11. Standard Load Disk
    SKU: 430500

    Standard Load Disc for 500 Plus/ GC Plus Learn More
  12. Control Load Disk
    SKU: 430501

    Control Load Disc for 500 Plus Learn More
  13. Safety Membranes Removal Tool Learn More
  14. Use with Torque Wrench, Part 404070 or 432201 Learn More
  15. Control Spacer
    SKU: 325210

    Spacer for Plus Control Vessels Learn More
  16. Top Thermowell Locking Nut Learn More
  17. Nut, Plug Ferrule
    SKU: 431311

    Solid Ferrule for Pressure Port Learn More
  18. Omni Vessel Vent Fitting, Solid Learn More
  19. Probe Plug
    SKU: 325215

    Probe Plug Learn More
  20. Control Screw
    SKU: 432135

    Used in GreenChem, OMNI & 1500 Plus Vessels Learn More
  21. Screw
    SKU: 432130

    Used in GreenChem, Omni, & XP-1500 Plus Vessels Learn More
  22. Safety Membrane Pen
    SKU: 431410

    Safety Membrane Insertion Tool Learn More
  23. Standard Frame Module
    SKU: 431715

    Standard frame module for GreenChem standard vessel. Learn More

Set Descending Direction

23 Item(s)