The Elimination of PFAS Background on the EDGE through Material Substitutions

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Per- and polyfluoroalkyl substances (PFAS) are a group of compounds that are used in many different industries because of their favorable properties, such as heat and grease resistance. Their resistance and prevalence in manufacturing has presented hurdles for their detection, as they are used in the manufacture of materials typically found in LC-MS systems. This has caused LC-MS companies to suggest the substitution of these materials. Similarly, the EDGE®, an automated extraction system, was modified to prevent the contamination of the resultant extracts by PFAS. The cleanliness of the EDGE itself after a series of washes and the background of the S1 Q-Disc® stack (C9+G1+C9 sandwich), Q-Matrix Hydra™, and the Q-Cup® used by the EDGE were examined. It was found that the substitutions provided a PFAS-free background on the EDGE, and the Q-Discs, Q-Matrix Hydra, and Q-Cups were PFAS-free. Thus, the EDGE is an excellent choice for laboratories that would like to automate their PFAS extractions without subjecting their samples to unwanted contamination.

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