The Extraction of Antioxidants from Food Packaging Film

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Polymer materials are an integral part of every day life, especially food packaging. Often, antioxidants are added to food packaging materials to help aid in their stability. However, these antioxidants can leach out of the materials into food, demonstrating the importance of being aware of the levels of antioxidants in the polymer materials in food packaging. In this work, Irganox 1076 and Irganox 1010 were extracted from food film provided by a local manufacturer, using three CEM extraction systems, the MARS 6™ microwave system, the Discover® Prep microwave system, and the EDGE® automated extraction system. The MARS 6 method has been long proven in the industry and is known to deliver accurate results. The results obtained for the extractions completed by Discover Prep and the EDGE were compared to the MARS 6 results, and it was found that the Discover Prep and the EDGE extracted the additives from food film with comparable recoveries and low standard deviations. The MARS 6, the Discover Prep, and the EDGE are each excellent options for the extraction of antioxidants from polymers.