8 Place MARSXpress Vessel Expansion Set, 55 mL, PFA, 50 mL measurement line
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The MARSXpress vessel is a moderate temperature, moderate pressure vessel preferred by high-throughput labs with up to 40 samples per run. Popular applications include plants, vitamins, foods, and many environmental applications. MARSXpress vessels are compatabile with iWave or IR control features. This vessel set uses PFA which is the most cost effective method for labs with budget concerns that do not need to routinely go to high temperatures.

Contains the following parts:

  • Part # 574126 - (8) MARSXpress 55 mL PFA Liner and Cap with 50 mL measurement line
  • Part # 212020 - (8) MARSXpress Plug
  • Part # 212025 - (8) MARSXpress 55 mL Composite Sleeve
NOTE: MARSXpress vessels can be used for acid digestion or solvent extraction; however, it is very important that each vessel set is designated for either acid digestion or solvent extraction.
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Additional Information

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