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The cannabis industry in North America has experienced exponential growth over the past several years. With the growth in popularity of cannabis and hemp-based products comes a need for quality testing to monitor and control pesticides, mycotoxins, and heavy metals. Click here to learn how MCR Labs, of Framingham, MA, meets state regulations and uses the CEM MARS 6 to digest samples for trace metals analysis.

The MARS 6 is a robust microwave digestion system capable of digesting up to 40 mixed cannabis and hemp samples in a single batch. High throughput labs around the world rely on the MARS 6 to digest plant material, edibles, manufacturing intermediaries, and finished goods, like lotions and balms, in the same batch to meet the needs of this ever-growing industry. The MARS 6 is backed by a team of applications chemists with over 100 years of microwave digestion experience. Our goal is to ensure your samples are digested quickly and completely so that your analysis is right, every time. For more information on the MARS 6, or to request a live demo in your lab, click below.

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MARS 6 - Acid Digestion - Batch Microwave Digestion System


Batch Microwave Digestion System

Digest up to 40 cannabis and hemp samples in a one batch.

Solutions for cannabis labs


Solutions for cannabis labs

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