Webinar: Microwave Digestion Tips & Tricks: Organic Applications (Foods & Pharma)

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Join us as we discuss the challenges associated with the digestion and analysis of organic samples by ICP-MS, detailing samples such as foods, pharmaceuticals, nutraceuticals, and cannabis.

We will feature three presentations:

Bob Lockerman, Global Product Manager for CEM, will cover tips for organic dissolution including predigestion, sample handling/getting the sample to the bottom of the vessel, running mixed samples in one batch, extending ramp time, and acid selection for foods, pharmaceuticals, nutraceuticals, and cannabis applications.

Justin Masone, Product Manager for Glass Expansion, will focus on ICP-MS sample introduction components geared towards "high performance." There will be an emphasis on high sensitivity and precision, enhanced washout and minimization of carryover, as well as identifying the optimal balance between performance and reliability.

Brian Alexander and James King, of Inorganic Ventures, will discuss technical details of ICP standards and creation of stable solutions for USP 232 and ICH Q3D specifications.