Webinar: Tips & Tricks: Cannabis Sample Prep

Join us to learn a few tips and tricks to overcome common problems associated with the analysis of cannabis samples by ICP-MS.

We will feature three presentations:

Bob Lockerman, Global Product Manager for CEM, will cover tips for transferring samples into the vessel, along with highlighting microwave digestion procedures for several different types of cannabis samples.

Justin Masone, Product Manager for Glass Expansion, will focus on improving washout of troublesome analytes, such as mercury (Hg), highlight accessories to help deal with high acid concentrations, and briefly review nebulizer maintenance and troubleshooting techniques.

Jon Peters, Elemental Spectroscopy Product Manager for Shimadzu, will discuss various tips and tricks to optimize sample preparation and analysis parameters—including selection of internal standards, selection of isotopes to avoid common isobaric interferences, avoidance of polyatomic interferences, sample introduction hardware tricks, and various software parameters to achieve optimum efficiency and accuracy.

Robert Thomas, Principal of Scientific Solutions, will conclude the webinar discussing how the cannabis industry can learn a great deal from the pharmaceutical industry with regards to regulating heavy metals in cannabis. Not only understanding the many potential sources of heavy metal contamination, but also how the final cannabis products can be contaminated by the manufacturing equipment, the extraction process and the delivery systems used. Robert will also detail the issues stemming from a lack of federal oversight and why it is critical to have consistency across state lines, in order for consumers to know they are using products which are safe to use.

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