ORACLE Excels in International Study




CEM Corporation, a leading supplier of innovative testing solutions, is pleased to announce the highly successful completion of an independent study of the ORACLE™ universal fat analyzer by the accredited French laboratory, Actalia Cecalait. The ORACLE is the first ever rapid fat analyzer that requires absolutely no method development and can analyze fat in any unknown food sample with reference chemistry accuracy and exceptional repeatability. Several dairy matrices were examined in the study including: cream, powdered milk, processed and natural cheese, sour cream, yogurt, dessert, and ice cream, spanning a range of ca. 0.5 – 45.0% fat.


Actalia determined that the ORACLE was able to analyze all of the aforementioned dairy matrices within their respective accuracy levels as compared to wet chemical extraction techniques, all without any method development or calibration. Specifically, ORACLE vs. wet chemistry results yielded a perfect linear coefficient of determination (R2) of 1.000, with no bias. Actalia also concluded that the repeatability of the ORACLE was better than the limit of the reference chemistry for all samples.


Located in Poligny, France, Actalia is a COFRAC accredited laboratory specializing in providing technical and scientific input into the validation and unification of analytical methods, with expertise in dairy analysis. In addition, Actalia is both an organizer of proficiency testing studies and a global supplier of dairy SRMs (secondary reference materials).


Since its introduction in 2016, ORACLE has gained widespread acceptance and is used in food production and testing laboratories worldwide. The system was a recipient of the IFT17 Food Expo Innovation Award for demonstrating time and cost benefits and eliminating the use of chemicals, while providing a practical, revolutionary technology with high scientific merit.