Future Flexibility of the BLADE Microwave Digestion System

Workflow Solutions

The BLADE simplifies your work flow by using balance interface and barcode scanning technology to speed sample recording and eliminate transcription errors. The BLADEs autosampler automatically loads and unloads each sample into and out of the cavity. The system provides both an audible and visual indication when the digestion process is complete. BLADE is capable of digesting a sample in just a few minutes providing the high throughput needed by today’s busy labs. Only BLADE provides this level of automation to allow technicians to complete other tasks while in operation.

Mix & Match Samples Types

The BLADE can digest any sample type in any acid matrix in minutes. It handles all samples from simple organics such as food and plant material, to more difficult samples, such as bunker oil, PET, and catalysts. Pre-programmed methods eliminate method development. BLADE even provides recommendations for sample size and acids to be used for digestion. It’s like having a CEM chemist in your lab for applications support.

Control and CFR Compliance

The BLADE is the only system that directly measures, controls, and documents the temperature and pressure conditions of EACH individual sample. All conditions are electronically recorded and can easily be recalled for audits or verification. If your facility is required to follow 21 CFR Part 11 compliance simply choose CFR Mode. This robust software package allows for organizations to assign user level access as well as audit trails, passwords, electronic signatures, and all other requirements for CFR Part 11 Subparts A-C. BLADE provides an unmatched level of quality assurance for sample preparation.

Microwave Digestion System


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