Microwave Extraction System
MARS 6 Extraction

High throughput extraction for busy labs.



The MARS™ 6 brings an intelligent design and remarkable ease of use to extractions. With an industry-leading 2000 watts of installed power, it is the perfect tool for preparing samples for US EPA 3546, polymers, and more. The MARS 6 can easily extract up to 40 samples in a single batch using up to 85% less solvent than traditional methods. The MARS 6 provides the highest throughput and lowest cost per test of any extraction method used today.


  • Fastest batch system available — 40 samples in 25 minutes
  • Disposable inserts for easy cleaning
  • One Touch Technology® methods make extraction easy
  • Use the same system for extraction or digestion

Disposable Glass Inserts

Disposable Glass Inserts

Never wash vessels again.

Our MARSXpress Plus vessels allow for the use of disposable glass inserts that eliminate the need to wash vessels between sample runs, resulting in time savings. Furthermore, the glass insert protects the Teflon vessel from highly contaminated samples, eliminating the risk of carryover.

One Touch Technology

One Touch Technology®

Preinstalled methods, one touch away.

By selecting the One Touch icon on the MARS 6 touchscreen, you can choose from hundreds of preinstalled methods developed by CEM applications chemists. The system will automatically detect the type of vessel you are using, count the vessels, adjust the power, and perform the extraction for you. It couldn’t be easier.

The Process

The Process

User-friendly software, scientist centered design

1. Select a Method
After the turntable is loaded with prepared sample vessels, simply select the proper method, and hit “Start”.

2. Matrix is Extracted (or Digested)
During the run, the MARS 6 will follow the method according to the selected parameters, including initializing, ramping, holding, cooling, etc. The MARS 6 applies microwaves to extract, or digest, the sample. The turntable will rotate to allow the IR sensor to monitor the temperature of each sample.

3. Sample is Cooled
For user safety, when the run is complete, the MARS 6 will allow the vessels to cool in-unit. After cooling, the sample is ready for further analysis.

High Throughput Capabilities

High Throughput Capabilities

Vessels designed with you in mind.

The MARS 6 can process up to 40 samples simultaneously, yielding the highest throughput of any system on the market. The simple three-piece vessel assembles in seconds. Disposable glass inserts allow you to prepare a second batch of samples while another is being processed, reducing total extraction time.

Reduced Solvent Consumption

Reduced Solvent Consumption

Accelerated extraction process using less solvent.

The MARS 6 heats samples in a sealed vessel, allowing the use of solvents not accessible with traditional methods. By heating the solvent above its boiling point, a higher efficiency extraction is achieved with less solvent volume required.