Microwave Digestion System Vessels
MARS 6 Vessels

Easy to use vessels for every application.



For over 30 years chemists have trusted CEM to provide the highest quality microwave digestion systems for their laboratories. The MARS 6 is simply the easiest to use, safest and most intelligent system on the market. It is the only system that uses integrated sensor technology to recognize the vessel type as well as the sample number and use that to create a custom algorithm to ensure the highest quality digest. With options for remote system control and contactless all vessel temperature control, the MARS 6 is ready to handle your most difficult samples.


  • Digest up to 40 vessels in the MARSXpress high throughput vessel
  • Digest difficult samples in the iPrep vessel
  • CEM has a vessel for every application

Vessel Sets



The unique dual seal of the new iPrep™ allows for the highest working conditions of any microwave digestion vessel. This means it can digest extremely difficult materials such as PET and bunker oil with ease. It also will digest twice as much sample as a typical high performance vessel. This allows for better homogeneity and lower detection limits. The 110 mL volume provides a 10 percent enhancement over similar vessel types.


EasyPrep Plus

The EasyPrep™ family of vessels are rugged high performance vessels that are good for preparing a wide variety of difficult to digest organic and inorganic materials. These include many types of oils and polymers as well as ceramics and catalysts.


MARSXpress Plus

This vessel is based upon the simplicity of MARSXpress™ vessel but allows for a larger working volume due to the 110 mL vessel volume. The MARSXpress Plus™ is designed to run samples similar to the MARSXpress vessels such as: plant and animal tissues, mixed food samples, consumer products, and industrial hygiene. Up to twenty four vessels can be prepared simultaneously to meet the throughput requirements of most analytical laboratories.



The world’s most popular vessel has been providing high capacity sample preparation for over fifteen years. It uses a simple three part vessels design making assembly a snap. It is the vessel of choice for environmental digestions including all USEPA methods (3015a, 3051a and 3052) as well as European Norm methods. With a batch capacity of 40 positions this is the vessel choice for a high throughput lab.

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Vessel Comparison

Pick the vessel that’s right for you.

Vessel selection is dependent on several factors including sample size, sample complexity, and temperature requirements. The applications chemists at CEM have developed an easy to use table to help you decide which vessel is right for your application.



Disposable Glass Vessels

for MARSXpress Plus

Safe, simple, and high-throughput. Other digestion systems using disposable vessels are slow, require dangerous pressures, and can only digest half as many samples. The new CEM glass vessels revolutionize disposability for a fraction of the cost.


Disposable Teflon Liners

for MARSXpress

Save time and money. The Teflon® liner protects the vessel from batch-to-batch contamination without washing vessels between runs. Simply insert a disposable liner into the MARSXpress™ vessel, cap it, and run. When the digestion is complete, transfer your solution to an appropriate flask or vial and dispose of the liner. You are ready to start your next sample. Disposable liners are the perfect accessory for high-throughput labs running USEPA 3051A and 3015A methodology. They can also be used for any digestion application run at or below 180 °C for 30 minutes or less.

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Even More Vessels

Don’t see your vessel?

The MARS 6 supports legacy vessels.