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All New Moisture/Solids/Volatiles Analyzer
The all new SMART 6™ Analyzer is revolutionizing the way moisture, solids, and volatiles are determined. The SMART 6 is the first system to accurately measure these components in any product faster than other direct analyzers available, regardless whether the sample is liquid or solid, powder or plastic, polar or non-polar. Read more...
SAM 255
Microwave Moisture/Solids Analyzer
*Ideal for large samples and paint bases and colors
The SAM-255 now with IntelliTemp Infrared temperature control provides rapid drying of all types of samples. The SAM-255 Workstation can analyze large-sized samples for moisture or solids. Read more...
ProFat Meat Analyzer
ProFat Meat Analyzer
Microwave Moisture, Fat, Protein, and Ash Analyzer for Raw Meat
Measure moisture, fat, protein, and ash in raw meat samples and pre-blends accurately in minutes. The rapid analysis can be used for process control to make blend corrections, release materials, and ensure least cost formulation. Read more...

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