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Large Scale Sequential Microwave Digestion

Discover SP-D 80Digest up to 2 g in only 10 minutes, including cool down, with the new Discover SP-D 80.The 80-mL sample vessel and higher temperature capabilities give you the application flexibility of the MARS 6 with the speed and versatility of our award winning Discover SP-D..

NEW! Rapid Fat and moisture testing for dry products

Feature_Sprint.pngEasy to operate in the QA/QC lab or at-line and more accurate than NIR, CEM’s new FAST Trac Analyzer gives you accurate moisture and fat determinations in low-moisture samples in only 2 minutes. Make rapid adjustments to your process and save money. Ideal for dairy powders, dried infant formula, snack foods, dry pet foods and other powdered products.

Fast, Efficient & Clean Automated Peptide Synthesis

Liberty BlueThe new Liberty Blue line of research scale microwave peptide synthesizers are transformational products that feature 4-minute cycle times and a 90% reduction in solvent usage. Ten times faster than first generation microwave peptide synthesizers, Liberty Blue is designed for maximum speed, efficiency, and ease-of-use. The technology represents significant advances in hardware design, as well as remarkable improvements to the chemistry, resulting in greater speed and flexibility, better peptide purities and yields, and improved reliability.