A New Glycosylation Method: A Study of Microwave Effects at Low Temperatures

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Oligosaccharides are one of the most abundant classes of biologically active compounds with a variety of functions, including uses by our immune system, as energy sources, and as structural components. More specifically, oligosaccharides function as hormone regulators and play a role in cell to cell adhesion and cell recognition. Lewis X (LeX) antigen (1) is a glycoconjugate (an oligosaccharide that is attached to a protein or lipid) that plays a role in selectin-mediated cell to cell adhesion. Shimizu and co-workers synthesized a thiomethyl LeX derivative (2), Figure 1, in order to introduce a variety of functional groups at the thiomethyl position and to further study the antigen’s mechanism of recognition.1

Figure 1. LeX antigen and target synthesis.