Dairy Analysis - Fat without recalibration and drifting

The Most Accurate Analysis of Fluid, Semi-Solid and Solid Dairy Products

  • CEM’s fat and solids technology is more accurate than NIR/FT-NIR systems
  • Analyze any type of dairy product on the same instrument
  • Eliminates recalibrations and results drifting over time

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Dairy Analysis - Viscous Products without Homogenization

Analyze Fluid and Viscous Dairy Products Without Homogenization

  • Avoid complications and recalibrations from clogging and cuvette damage with CEM’s ORACLE and SMART 6
  • Match or improve accuracy and precision of FT-IR on any dairy product

About the ORACLE
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Dairy Analysis - Protein Alternative to Kjeldahl

Safe and Easy Alternative to Kjeldahl for Protein Analysis with Sprint

  • No harsh chemicals
  • Rapid test with minimal training required
  • Not fooled by adulterants

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Smart 6


Moisture/Solids Analyzer

The gold standard
in moisture/solids analysis.



Universal Fat Analyzer

The first ever rapid fat analyzer
with no method development.



Rapid Protein Analyzer

For rapid, safe and direct determination of protein.