Systems for Research

CEM Corporation strives to not only better academic institutions in their teaching endeavors, but also further their research capabilities from the undergraduate to the post-doctorial level- and everything in between! Building on the same principals utilized in our teaching systems, Fast, Safe, and Green Chemistry with higher yields, CEM has developed an array of accessories to further your research pursuits!

Discover Accessories for Research:


80 mL Vessel:

After the reaction has been optimized on a small scale, larger scale reactions are always of interest. Use of the 80-mL reaction vessel ensures direct scalability from the 10-mL vessel all the way to the 80-mL vessel. It can be used with any Discover series system.

discoversp_gas_add.pngGas Addition (Hydrogenation) Kit:

The Gas Addition accessory is the only system specially designed for reactions with gaseous reagents. Perform hydrogenations, carbonylations, or other reactions with gaseous reagents or simply use the vessel to ensure an inert atmosphere during microwave irradiation This system allows you to purge the reaction vessel and back-fill it with a gas. During the reaction, the gas source is completely shut off from the microwave, thereby ensuring your safety at all times.



The optional Integrated Camera allows you to see the changes occurring in your reaction in situ; a perfect tool for documentation and publication support!


The CoolMate is the only commercially available Microwave system designed to perform reactions at sub-ambient temperatures. Reactions such as lithiations, carbohydrate synthesis, and other temperature-sensitive materials can now benefit from the use of microwave energy. Use the power of microwave energy to accelerate reactions even at temperatures aslow as -80 ºC .

Fiber Optic Temperature Control:

Fiber Optic Temperature Control provides the most precise temperature measurement available, by directly measuring the temperature inside the reaction vial. It can be used with 10-mL reaction vessels designed for this purpose, as well as with the 80-mL vessel. Other accessories, including the CoolMate™ and Gas Addition kit use this type of temperature measurement.

Discover Sample Automation:



All the benefits of a large format autosampler within the footprint of the world’s smallest manual reactor. This twelve position autosampler accommodates both the 10- and 35-mL vessels and is the best value of any autosampler commercially available.  Click here to see the Explorer 12 Hybrid in action.


Easily upgradable, this 24-position system is an affordable automated synthesis solution for academic and small research groups. Utilizes 10-mL reaction vessels.


EXPLORER 48, 72, & 96

CEM manufactures autosamplers to accommodate up to 48, 72 or 96 ten-mL vials or a combination of 10-mL and 35-mL vials. Intelligent rack design allows the autosampler to recognize the vial type without user input and the integrated robotics ensure that switching between 10-mL and 35-mL reaction vials occurs seamlessly, freeing your time for other things.

MARS 6 System for Synthesis Research:


MARS 6 System for Scale Up:

Scale up your reactions with microwave speed using the award-winning MARS 6 System! CEM offers a full range of vessels and flow cells up to 5L and you can use your own reflux condensers and standard glassware!


MARS 6 System for Parallel Synthesis:
Flexibility and higher-throughput for larger Volumes! CEM offers several vessel sets from which to choose. Perform reactions at high temperatures (up to 300ºC ) or high pressures (up to 1500 psi) in parallel. Use glass, Teflon, or even Quartz vessels to ensure chemical compatibility. Vessels use fiber optic temperature measurement and pressure feedback to safely control reactions.