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  1. 40 mL Glass Vial Rack

    40 mL Glass Vial Rack

    Part #: 525080
    Removable rack for the EDGE Extraction System that holds 12 Q-Cup Sample Holders and 12 40mL glass collection vials.

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  2. Q-Cup Sample Holder Set

    Q-Cup Sample Holder Set

    Part #: 905955
    Q-Cups are coated aluminum sample holders for the EDGE Extraction System. Q-Cups consist of a cylinder piece which holds the sample, and a threaded bottom piece which holds the Q-Disc filter. This kit includes 12 Q-Cups, which is the maximum number of samples that can be extracted in a run. For efficiency, it's recommended to have two sets (24 Q-Cups) and two Glass Vail Racks. This would allow one set to be ran in an EDGE, while another set is being prepared.

    • 12 Q-Cup Cylinders
    • 12 Q-Cup Threaded Bottoms

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  3. EDGE


    Part #: EDGE
    The new leading edge of sample preparation.
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