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CoolMate Sub-Ambient Temperature Module for Discover Legacy

CoolMate Sub-Ambient Temperature Module for Discover Legacy
Part #: 925455

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Discover system accessory for reactions with sub-ambient temperatures as low as -80°C.



The CoolMate™ module includes:

  • specialized attenuator with integrated vessel jacket
  • (3) reaction vessel inserts
  • thermowell kit with sapphire thermowell and sealing cap with septa
  • pumping module
  • (1) gallon of microwave transparent cooling media (Galden Fluid)
  • set of insulated tubes to connect the jacketed vessel to the pumping system
  • fittings kit for the tubing connectons
  • detachable power cord
  • fiber optic temperature feedback and control
  • vessel holder for unit storage

The CoolMate is ideal for temperature sensitive chemisteries such as eliminations, subsitiutions, litiations, and much more.  Reactions can be programmed in the microwave at temperatures as low as -80°C.  This CoolMate is only compatible with the Discover Legacy systems.