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Fmoc Amino Acids

Extremely high quality at an affordable price.



Using Fmoc amino acids of lower quality can have a significant impact on peptide purity and yield, resulting in hard to separate impurities and even total synthesis failures. CEM’s Fmoc amino acids are the highest quality available on the market and provide the best purities and yields possible for peptide synthesis.


Standard Specifications

  • HPLC purity ≥ 99.0%
  • Enantiomeric purity ≥ 99.8%
  • 100% fully synthetic amino acids
  • Continuously used and tested in CEM’s peptide synthesis laboratory

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For use with any Liberty Series Peptide Synthesizer

Eliminate your weighing step by using amino acids that have been pre-weighed specifically for your Liberty system.

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Full Library of Amino Acids

For use with any Peptide Synthesizer

A catalogue of Fmoc amino acids for synthesizing standard and modified peptides.

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fmoc amino acids product image

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