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Liberty Blue Accessories

HT 12 and HT 24

HT12 & HT24

Resin Loading Accessories

High Throughput Microwave Peptide Synthesis

To increase the throughput of the Liberty Blue system an optional modular resin loading option is available that will allow up to 24 peptides to be synthesized sequentially. The resin loader comes in a 12-position module with an additional 12-position module that can be coupled to it. With the rapid 4-minute cycle time along with the potential to synthesize 24 peptides unattended overnight, the Liberty Blue system provides throughput of peptides that is comparable to that of conventional high throughput systems but with considerably better purity.

Advantages of Fast Sequential Peptide Synthesis

Single Peptides Fast
(1 to 2 hours for standard length peptides)

Less Complex Instrumentation
(easier to maintain and operate)

Eliminates Purification Bottleneck
(purify peptides as soon as they are completed)

Precise Control at Each Step
(unique methods can be run for each peptide)

Higher Purity Peptides
(reduces purification costs)



A Smarter Way Of Doing Peptide Cleavage

With the advantages of precision heated reactions, you can get better peptide purity. Now you can cleave up to 12 peptides, simultaneously, in 30 minutes or less, with more reliability than any other method. This is high throughput cleavage.