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Liberty Lite - Automated Microwave Peptide Synthesizer

Liberty Lite by CEM Corporation


Peptide Synthesis Made Fast & Efficient

CEM Corporation is pleased to announce the introduction of the new Liberty Lite™ Microwave Peptide Synthesizer, an entry level option for the globally recognized Liberty Blue™ technology. The Liberty Lite provides advantages over existing peptide synthesizers with it’s patented use of microwave irradiation during both the deprotection and coupling steps (15 minute cycle times), in situ temperature control, Flex-Add™ delivery system, and efficient solvent usage. Additionally, the system can be upgraded at any time to a complete Liberty Blue system.


the best engineering


Flex-Add Technology

Don’t be limited by fixed sample loops for reagent addition! CEM’s patented Flex-Add™ technology enables a wider range of addition volumes than any other synthesizer. This factory calibrated feature allows infinitely variable volume additions for all amino acid and activator deliveries, and requires no customer calibration after system installation.
Volume Requested Volume Delivered Average Delivered Standard Deviation
2 2.02 2.03 0.02
2 2.05
2 2.03
1 1.05 1.05 0.01
1 1.06
1 1.05
0.5 0.55 0.53 0.02
0.5 0.53
0.5 0.51

In-Situ Fiber Optic Temperature Control

Fast heating requires fast and accurate temperature measurement to prevent thermal overshoot; in-situ temperature measurement provides the most responsive, reliable, and accurate feedback on reaction conditions. The fiber optic probe on the Liberty Lite provides this type of measurement capability and avoids the lag time associated with external IR or thermocouple controls and eliminates the need for routine calibration.

The Microwave Advantage

Microwave energy brings more to peptide synthesis than a rapid change in temperature. Combined with microwave transparent reaction vessels, your reaction, not the vessel, is heated with a uniform, single mode energy distribution. Rapid kinetic movement caused by microwave energy accelerates the reaction and reduces aggregation. The Discover® is the only microwave capable of applying microwave energy to both the deprotection and coupling steps of solid phase peptide synthesis.

the best software

The Control software makes programming and running the Liberty Lite system fast and easy.
  • Pre-programmed default methods for the full synthesis scale range
  • Easy-to-use “Change Bottle” feature for rapid system setup
  • Usage and reagent calculators make reagent preparation simple
  • Fully customizable methods and cycles
  • Self-diagnostics and automated cleaning routines
Create sequence specific method

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