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    The unique dual seal of the new iPrep™ allows for the highest working conditions of any microwave digestion vessel. This means it can digest extremely difficult materials such as PET and bunker oil with ease. It also will digest twice as much sample as a typical high performance vessel. This allows for better homogeneity and lower detection limits. The 110 mL volume provides a 10 percent enhancement over similar vessel types.

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    EasyPrep & EasyPrep Plus

    The EasyPrep™ family of vessels are rugged high performance vessels that are good for preparing a wide variety of difficult to digest organic and inorganic materials. These include many types of oils and polymers as well as ceramics and catalysts.

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    MARSXpress Plus

    This vessel is based upon the simplicity of MARSXpress™ vessel but allows for a larger working volume due to the 110 mL vessel volume. The MARSXpress Plus™ is designed to run samples similar to the MARSXpress vessels such as: plant and animal tissues, mixed food samples, consumer products, and industrial hygiene. Up to twenty four vessels can be prepared simultaneously to meet the throughput requirements of most analytical laboratories.

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    The world’s most popular vessel has been providing high capacity sample preparation for over fifteen years. It uses a simple three part vessels design making assembly a snap. It is the vessel of choice for environmental digestions including all USEPA methods (3015a, 3051a and 3052) as well as European Norm methods. With a batch capacity of 40 positions this is the vessel choice for a high throughput lab.

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