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Easy-To-Assemble High Throughput Vessel

The world’s most popular vessel for routine samples.


The world’s most popular vessel has been providing high capacity sample preparation for over fifteen years. It uses a simple three part vessel design, making assembly a snap. It is the vessel of choice for environmental digestions including all USEPA methods (3015a, 3051a and 3052) as well as European Norm methods. With a batch capacity of 40 positions this is the vessel choice for a high throughput lab

Vessel Options


  • Easy to assemble 3 piece vessel
  • Digest up to 40 samples for your high throughput needs
  • Ideal for environmental digestions including USEPA & European Norm methods
  • Also digest Foods, Feeds, Fertilizers, Consumer Products, Plant & Animal Tissues

CEM - MARSXpress - Easy to assemble


A simple vessel for your routine samples.

MARSXpress vessels are the world’s easiest to assemble vessels that only require a simple hand tightening tool. Just one click to tighten the vessel and you are ready for digestion. They do not require the use of springs or membranes and don’t require preforming.

CEM - MARSXpress - Disposable Liners

Disposable Liners

Disposable Teflon liners for MARSXpress vessels.

The Teflon®liner protects the vessel from batch-to-batch contamination without washing vessels between runs. Simply insert a disposable liner into the MARSXpress vessel, cap it, and run. When the digestion is complete, transfer your solution to an appropriate flask or vial and dispose of the liner. You are ready to start your next sample. Disposable liners are the perfect accessory for high throughput labs running USEPA 3051A and 3015A methodology. They can also be used for any digestion application run at or below 180 °C for 30 minutes or less. Saves money... saves time.

* Disposable Liners are only available for MARSXpress vessels and requires iWave temperature sensors.

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Download the Disposable Liner Brochure

CEM - MARSXpress - The best option for environmental samples.

Environmental Workhorse

The best option for environmental samples.

This high throughput vessel has been the vessel of choice for Environmental tests including EPA 3015a, 3051a and 3052, and European Norm methods for over 15 years.


What do you want
to digest today?

The following materials can be completely digested at the listed maximum sample size.

Sample Type

Max Size


Animal and Fish Tissue 0.5 gram Clear
Environmental Solids 0.5 gram Clear
Feeds and Fertilizer 0.5 gram Clear
Filter (paper & cellulose) 0.25 gram Clear
Foods 0.5 gram (dry weight) Clear
Infant/Geriatric Formula 0.5 gram (dry weight) Clear
Nutraceutical 0.5 gram Clear
Nylon 0.25 gram Clear
Pharmaceutical (excluding API with aromatic rings) 0.25 gram Clear
Plant Tissue 0.5 gram Clear
Polypropylene 0.2 gram Clear
Waste Oil 0.1 gram Clear

CEM - Method Notes

Method Notes

CEM application chemists have a combined total of over 100 years of digestion experience. Our Senior Chemist has been preparing samples in our laboratory for over 35 years. Here are typical sample categories for acid digestion.

View the Method Notes
Agriculture Nutraceuticals
Clinical and Biological Organic Chemicals
Consumer Products Paints and Coatings
Environmental and Regulatory Personal Care (Health and Beauty)
Food Testing Pharmaceuticals and Biotech
Geoscience and Mining Plastics, Polymers, and Oils
Industrial Hygiene Pulp and Paper
Materials Science Water and Wastewater Treatment
Metals and Alloys