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Standard Reaction Vessel Assembly

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  1. Reaction Vessel Attenuator Assembly for Liberty Blue

    Reaction Vessel Attenuator Assembly for Liberty Blue

    Part #: 551050

    The Reaction Vessel Attenuator Assembly consists of the Liberty Blue attenuator assembly, tubing, and 30 mL reaction vessel. Learn More
  2. 181395

    1/8" to 3/16" PEEK Union

    Part #: 181395

    The 1/8" to 3/16" PEEK Union allows the connection of a piece of 1/8" OD tubing to a piece of 3/16" OD tubing. Learn More
  3. 217410-5

    Disposable Frit Kit

    Part #: 217410-5

    Pack of 5 disposable frits for the Liberty Blue 2-piece reaction vessel. Learn More
  4. 181395

    1/8" to 1/8" PEEK Union

    Part #: 141620

    The 1/8" to 1/8" PEEK Union allows the connect of two pieces of 1/8" OD tubing. Learn More
  5. Reaction Vessel O-ring

    Reaction Vessel O-ring

    Part #: 167731

    Reaction Vessel O-ring Learn More
  6. 516020

    Fiber-Optic Probe Catch

    Part #: 516020

    The Fiber-Optic Probe Catch slides over the fiber-optic probe and the thermowell of the reaction vessel attenuator assembly to secure the probe. Learn More
  7. Thermowell with Resin Disruptor

    Thermowell with Resin Disruptor

    Part #: 551145

    The Thermowell with Resin Disruptor is a sapphire sheath used to protect the fiber-optic temperature probe. Learn More
  8. Wash Solvent Spray Head

    Wash Solvent Spray Head

    Part #: 194075

    The Wash Solvent Spray head is an 0.75" fitting designed to direct wash solvent to the sides of the vessel. Learn More
  9. Drain Line with Quick Disconnect

    Drain Line with Quick Disconnect

    Part #: 516025

    The replacement drain line includes a quick disconnect fitting to allow for easy removal of the reaction vessel. Learn More
  10. 125 mL Reaction Vessel

    125 mL Reaction Vessel

    Part #: 542415

    The 125 mL Reaction Vessel is an optional larger reaction vessel for the Liberty Blue. Learn More

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