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Synthesis Scale 10 – 400 mmol
Reaction Vessel Sizes
2.5 - 10 L
Chemistry Fmoc only
Activation Method In situ or pre-activation, standard activators
External Bottle Positions 5
Fluid Measurement High accuracy flow meter
Fluid Transfer
High speed pumping for each reagent
position and RV drain
Agitation Mechanical
Waste Container Variable reservoir with overflow detection
Controller Laptop with wireless option standard
Reports Printable PDF file for each method created.
Log created during each run of every step performed
Power 200/208/230 VAC (200-253 VAC), 60 Hz, 15A @ 230 VAC 220/240 VAC (202-250 VAC), 50 Hz, 15A @ 240 VAC
48”W x 29”D x 64”H
(121.9 cm x 73.7 cm x 162.6 cm)
The purchase of this instrument
includes a grant of a limited, non-
transferrable license to use this
instrument for microwave peptide
synthesis using microwave energy
for both the coupling and
deprotection steps.
Patents US7393920; US7582728; US8058393;
EP1491552; JP4773695, with additional
worldwide patents pending

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