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Phoenix Microwave Ashing System

Phoenix Microwave Ashing System

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Rapid Microwave Ashing System (208-230 V/60 Hz)


The Phoenix consists of a 1400 W microwave heating system containing a 5.0 liter (300 in3) chamber which can be heated to 1000 °C or a 1.8 liter (112.5 in3) chamber which can be heat to 1200 °C using microwave energy. The unit maintains 2.8 m(100 ft3) of air flow per minute through the microwave cavity to rapidly ash materials and remove combustion by-products. Internal temperature calibration software. Includes integral dual thermocouple Temperature Control System for either single set-point temperature or eight segmented ramping temperature control programs. Program storing, processing and reporting weight data and % Ash, % LOI, % ROI, % LOD, %Fixed, %Volatile and %Total Residue to the instrument display, printer or external computer.  Two RS232C 9-pin serial interfaces for option balance and external computer; one 25-pin parallel port for optional printer.  Accessory Starter Kit includes: 8 ft. exhaust hose with connector, clamp 90 degree elbow. (20) 20 mL & (4) 50 mL Quartz Fiber Ashing Crucibles, (4) 50 mL crucibles and 200 ashing disks, spare fuses, thermocouple, pedestal access tool, power cord and operation manual. Manufactured by CEM Corporation, ISO-9001 certified.