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SMART 6 Technology

The SMART 6™ System uses breakthrough technology to provide fast, precise and reproducible results for any sample, every time.

iPower Technology

Accurately and quickly dry both wet and dry samples with patented iPower® Technology.

iPower is a revolutionary new way to apply power to rapidly and accurately determine the moisture/solids/volatiles content. Dual electromagnetic heating frequencies are applied to the sample to carefully remove all bound and free moisture. Low frequency energy penetrates the sample to quickly remove free moisture. High frequency energy creates a uniform heating environment to fully remove bound moisture or other non-polar volatiles.

The power of the combination is evident in the results.

iDri Technology

iDri™ Technology takes the speed of microwave drying to the next level. This advanced analysis process can determine results in only 60 to 90 seconds for any sample, less than half of the previously possible test times using other direct analysis technologies.
SMART 6 with iPower can dry any sample with greater accuracy and speed. Add iDri technology to determine the result in half the time.
  SMART 6 SMART 5 IR Reference Oven
  Time (sec) iDri Time (sec) St. Dev. Time (sec) St. Dev. Time (sec) St. Dev. Time (hrs) St. Dev.
Cheese 210 90 0.12 240 0.15 1200 0.20 5 0.09
Plastic Pellets (humid) 300 75 0.003 N/A N/A 1500 0.003 4 0.001
Milk Powder 150 70 0.06 300 0.15 560 0.10 5 0.02
Latex 120 60 0.05 180 0.07 720 0.07 2.5 0.03
Salad Dressing 210 90 0.02 200 0.03 900 0.03 5 0.01

Any sample

Solid or Liquid

Slurry or homogeneous

Polar or non-polar

High or Low Moisture

Powder or Plastic