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Sprint Features

SprintNewMeth.pngNo Method Development
SPRINT™ comes pre-programmed with a broad selection of iMethods™ ready for testing common products. You can easily create a method customized to your specific product type.  With its truly innovative software, loading a method and analyzing samples on your SPRINT is no more complicated than finding a friend’s number on your cell phone.

Protein analysis performed with IR, FTIR or NIR spectroscopy requires that you purchase methods before you can begin analysis. Also, those methods require frequent re-calibration.

SprintJello.pngClean Up is Easy
Current protein analysis instrumentation requires frequent maintenance and cleaning. SPRINT uses disposable sample cups and filters, which contain the sample completely. At the end of a test, the non-toxic sample waste, the disposable filter and cup are discarded.

If you are currently performing Kjeldahl, Udy dye binding or Combustion (Dumas) analysis you will love how easy clean-up is with SPRINT. There are no hazardous substances used at all.

Members can download copies of MSDS's for easy review.

Dual_Sprint_Photo.jpgHigh Throughput Applications
When you have many samples to analyze, all you have to do is add another SPRINT. It takes about a minute to prepare each sample and just a few more for SPRINT to complete an analysis. Set up a balance with two SPRINTs and you have a high productivity system that can analyze more than 300 samples in an eight hour shift.