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  1. 212095

    GlassChem Control Vessel Assembly

    Part #: 212095

    This assembly includes a liner, sleeve, control cover assembly, and thermowell. Learn More
  2. 431723

    GlassChem Control Vessel Assembly

    Part #: 431723

    Consists of control cover, plug seal, and fittings. Does not include thermowell. Learn More
  3. GlassChem Vessel Thermowell

    GlassChem Vessel Thermowell

    Part #: 185230

    Sapphire 4.2" thermowell for use with the GlassChem control vessel. Learn More
  4. GlassChem Vessel Composite Sleeve

    GlassChem Vessel Composite Sleeve

    Part #: 212035

    This sleeve provides ring strength for GlassChem vessels. Learn More
  5. GlassChem Vessel Glass Liner

    GlassChem Vessel Glass Liner

    Part #: 185205

    Wetted surface of the vessel. Learn More

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