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Conical vessels



  • Glass conical vessels with uniform wall thickness for accurate temperature measurement and post-reaction cooling
  • Operating temperatures from 30 – 300 °C, but not exceeding the boiling point of the solution
  • Working volume range of 50 µL – 2.5 mL

Vessels with screw-on cap

Seal the vessels with the standard screw-on cap with septum or for hands-free manipulation use the multi-port head (7 ports) which allows for reagent addition, vacuum drying, gas purging, and sample removal.

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3 Item(s)

  1. PETWave 1 mL Conical Vessel

    PETWave 1 mL Conical Vessel

    Part #: 186405

    PETWave vessel with 50μL-0.5 mL working volume.

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  2. 186410

    PETWave 2 mL Conical Vessel

    Part #: 186410

    PETWave vessel with 100μL-1.0 mL working volume.

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  3. 186400

    PETWave 4 mL Conical Vessel

    Part #: 186400

    PETWave vessel with 250μL-2.5 mL working volume.

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