Accurate results, delivered quickly for better yogurt.

Among the many growing cultured dairy products, yogurt stands above the rest as a product that is being universally accepted and adapted to reach customers in every corner of the world. Marketed as a health and nutrition wonder-food, yogurt manufacturers tout this product’s ability to provide protein, key vitamins, and digestive benefits as a probiotic to cash in on developing regions such as Asia and Africa and strengthening saturated markets in the US and Europe.

Yogurt production has taken on many different forms over the past decade, with standard yogurt being replaced by the protein-packed Greek yogurt, increasing US market share from 1% to 47% in less than 10 years, and yogurt drinks positioned as a cheaper alternative in Asia and Central America. Due to either market competition or regional cost ceilings, these new products must get by on the slimmest of profits, maximizing and optimizing every step of production to ensure they can increase profit without passing on increased costs to the customer. One of the most effective ways to optimize production is through process control. Testing moisture, fat, and protein at various stages of yogurt production will help ensure a quality product is manufactured, while minimizing waste and ingredient use.
Although NIR has been used by various producers, the technology has been found to have issues achieving the tight accuracy specifications demanded by the industry, and truly requires multiple systems and calibrations to cover the full yogurt production from milk standardization to final flavored products. By using both the ORACLE™ with SMART 6™ System and Sprint®.
Analyzers from CEM for fat, moisture, and protein testing, allow many manufacturers to improve their bottom line. With no method development, setup of the equipment is easy to do anywhere in the world, and accuracy is on scale with the long methods being used as reference standards. With the ability to test ANY sample, regardless of production or flavor, the ORACLE System and Sprint will give you confidence in the results you get and the product you manufacture.