Acid Purification System
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Reduce background analyte interference, and save money by making your own ultrapure acids (or water) for critical analytical applications. Designed for use with HF, HCl, HNO3, and H2O, the sub-boiling acid distillation system requires no cooling water and has a built-in waste drain for easy cleaning, without the use of a pump. This system is safe, easy-to-use, and its compact design allows it to fit neatly in a fume hood.

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Additional Information

Additional Information

Part # 901075
Analyte High Mid Low
HNO3 40 mL/hr 25 mL/hr 5 mL/hr
HCl 40 mL/hr 25 mL/hr 10 mL/hr
HF 40 mL/hr 25 mL/hr 10 mL/hr
H2O 50 mL/hr 35 mL/hr 10 mL/hr