This vessel is based upon the simplicity of MARSXpress vessel but allows for a larger working volume due to the 110 ml vessel volume. The MARSXpress Plus is designed to run samples similar to the MARSXpress vessels such as: plant and animal tissues, mixed food samples, consumer products, and industrial hygiene. Up to twenty four vessels can be prepared simultaneously to meet the throughput requirements of most analytical laboratories. Every vessel in the batch can be controlled via the all new in-situ, contactless iWave LET ™ sensor technology or by CEM’s floor mounted IR sensor technology. CEM’s patented dual infrared and fiber optic (DuoTemp™) technology can also be employed to monitor and control digestion conditions.

Batch Capacity Vessel Liner Material Vessel Volume (mL)
1 to 24 Teflon® 110


MARSXpress Vessel Comparison - Material