Discover SP Microwave System with ActiVent Technology
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The Discover SP microwave has become a common tool for chemical synthesis both in academia and industry.

Key Features:

  • Ample power (0-300W) for a broad range of syntheses
  • Austomated pressure device with ActiVent™ technology - the safest pressure relief mechanism
  • Maximum operating pressure of 435 psi (30 bar)
  • Runs sequential syntheses in easy to assemble pressurized vessels
  • Runs reflux reactions using standard glassware (5-125 mL round bottom flasks)
  • Volume-independent IR temperature control - reduces the number of vial sizes needed!
  • Variable stirring speeds and compressed air cooling
  • System control from easy-to-use Synergy™ software or on-board keypad
  • Fully customizable with a variety of accessories

System Includes:

  • 10 mL vessels and caps (100 eash)
  • 35 mL vessels and caps (5 each)
  • Open vessel kit
  • Stir bars
  • Microwave Synthesis book,
  • Synergy™ software
  • USB drive
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Additional Information

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