With instruments placed in over 1000 universities and academic institutions, CEM has the experience and knowledge to help you turn students into scientists. Explore CEM’s areas of expertise below to determine which instruments best meet your teaching and/or research needs.

CEM is the largest provider of laboratory microwaves worldwide, with over 35 years of experience designing and building laboratory microwave systems. We are headquartered in the United States with subsidiaries located in the United Kingdom, France, Germany, Italy, Ireland, and Japan; our presence reaches around the globe with distributors in over 50 countries. We proudly design and manufacture our systems in one location, yielding superior quality, performance, and reliability.

Teaching Resources

Analyze Fluid and Viscous


Experiments specifically developed for your CEM instrument.

For any teacher, CEM provides a handbook of microwave-assisted chemistries curated by two university professors and used in their undergraduate teaching curriculum. This text serves as a laboratory manual for teaching undergraduate organic synthesis using microwave technology, which is particularly valuable in teaching labs for Organic Chemistry II. Experiments are designed for use with CEM instruments and incorporate efficient, simple, and safe chemicals for use in any undergraduate classroom.

Analyze Fluid and Viscous


Teach more, and more comprehensively.

Microwave reactions are done 10-100 times faster than conventional experiments. Instead of waiting to create products, students can focus on further instruction for reaction mechanisms, analytical techniques, or chemical theories. New teaching opportunities for challenging chemistry and advanced research subjects are now accessible in a single laboratory period.

Analyze Fluid and Viscous


Our instruments provide safety and reproducibility.

Microwave synthesizers eliminate burns common to conventional hot plate and oil bath chemistry as reactions are cooled to safe handling temperatures before students can access them. Software controls can limit student access to changing system control parameters or even programming methods, preventing operator errors. Embedded safety limits stop runaway reactions and prevent vial failures through active cooling and pressure release features unique to CEM instruments.

Analyze Fluid and Viscous


Intuitive software allows you to focus on your students.

There is no learning curve for CEM microwave synthesizers that include detailed software tutorials and instructional videos. Anyone with a smartphone can operate a system that provides enabling programming, user, and data management features. No tools required for preparing reaction vessels or system maintenance!


Recommended Instruments for Educators

Discover 2.0 Microwave Synthesis System

Discover 2.0

Microwave Synthesizer

Create new molecules and compounds with unrivaled reaction accuracy, safety, and flexibility.

MARS 6 Synthesis - Parallel Scale-Up Microwave Synthesizer

MARS 6 Synthesis

Parallel, Scale Up Microwave Synthesizer

Parallel microwave synthesis for teaching and industrial laboratories.

Pick the microwave synthesis system that’s best for you.

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