Environmental Extractions - Comparison of US EPA 3545A and 3546 Methods


Air Date: Wednesday, July 8, 2020
Duration: 60 Minutes


Soil is one of the most common matrices in which semi-volatile organic compounds (SVOCs) are present. The extraction of these compounds from soil can be a lengthy and tedious process. Pressurized Fluid Extraction on the EDGE and Microwave Assisted Solvent Extraction (MASE) on the MARS 6 are proven techniques that are fast, simple, and efficient. EDGE is ideal for difficult samples while MARS 6 is ideal for high throughput labs dealing with hundreds of samples per day. Adhering to US EPA 3545A the EDGE offers a rapid automated process that yields a filtered sample. Adhering to US EPA 3546, the MARS 6 also offers an efficient extraction of up to 24 samples simultaneously. These two techniques offers solutions for rapid, simple and efficient extraction of SVOCs from soil.

What You’ll Learn

  • Sample prep options for batches and individual samples
  • Automated extraction of difficult matrices with built in filtration
  • High throughput extraction of US EPA 3546 with disposable options

Who Should Attend

  • Lab Managers
  • Analytical Chemists
  • Anyone performing US EPA Methods 3545A or 3546


Alicia Douglas Stell, Ph.D.
Lead R&D Scientist
CEM Corporation
Benedict Liu
Applications Chemist
CEM Corporation

Equipment Used