Extraction of Pesticides from Color Additives

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Color additives are used in food manufacturing, as certain colors are often associated with certain flavors. Through their history, color additives have often been contaminated with other compounds to decrease their cost, making their monitoring critical. In the present day, pesticide content is a concern with color additives because many are of natural origin. To measure pesticide content, typically foods are extracted using QuEChERS sample preparation, which are manual and often wasteful and time-consuming extractions. In this work, the EDGE®, an automated extraction system by CEM, was used to extract pesticides from various color additives provided by the AOAC Color Additives Community. The extraction efficiency was assessed for the various matrices, and it was found that the EDGE extracted pesticides from color additives with good recoveries and standard deviations. The EDGE is a good choice for laboratories seeking to automate pesticide extractions.

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