12-Place EasyPrep Plus Full Starter Set, TFM, Temp & Pressure, Fiber Optic, Standard Ring
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EasyPrep Plus is a rugged framed vessel suitable for the digestion of organic materials such as oils and polymers as well as inorganic matrices such as ceramics and inorganic oxides due to its patented vent and releal technology and temperature control options.

Contains the following parts:

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Additional Information

Part # 910930

Fiber optic temperature control allows a probe to extend into the solution of the control vessel to closely monitor the temperature and to control the magnetron's microwave power allowing for a safe, smart, complete digestion. This is the preferred control option for applications under 100° C.

EasyPrep Plus vessels feature a sapphire thermowell allowing for more precise temperature control than the original EasyPrep vessels.

Standard ring vessels have a teflon coated stainless steel support ring and are suitable for digestions using all acids except HCl. Applications requiring the use of HCl should use EasyPrep vessels with premium rings. Customers using BOTH HF and HCl should consider iPrep vessels which do not contain a ring.