Future Performance of the BLADE Microwave Digestion System

Single Mode Cavity

CEM pioneered the first microwave digestion system in 1985. Over the years CEM has continued to innovate new technology for microwave digestion. The BLADE uses this advanced technology to prepare even the most difficult samples quickly and easily. The secret is the high-energy focused single-mode cavity™ (SMC). The BLADE automatically tunes microwave energy to your sample and acid. The result is a faster, safer, and more complete digestion.

High-Definition Camera – The Latest CEM Innovation

The BLADE utilizes a built-in camera that allows users to watch the digestion in real time. This feature allows for safer operation as well as confirmation of a completed digest without having to open the vessel. Best of all you can capture the image and include it in your sample report.

Automatic Sample Loading and Unloading

The BLADE is the only system that does all the heavy lifting for you, providing automatic loading and unloading of samples. In addition, the system seals each vessel individually after placing it into the cavity. No clamps, external pressurization step, or manual unloading of the vessel is required. After digestion the vessels are cooled and returned to the rack with minimal operator exposure to acid or acid fumes.

Microwave Digestion System


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