Future Simplicity of the BLADE Microwave Digestion System

Performance at a Glance

Know your system status wherever you are. The BLADE is operated with an integrated 10-inch high-definition touchscreen and allows for all run conditions, including graphs, to be viewed simultaneously on the main screen. The system also incorporates a Visual Light Indicator (VLI) which provides users with a fast way to determine the status of the system from across the lab. Streamline technician workflow by eliminating at unit monitoring and maximize your lab’s throughput.

One Vessel, One Cap, One Solution

The BLADE further simplifies sample preparation by using a single high-purity quartz vessel, eliminating the need to inventory multiple vessel sizes and types. A fully wetted PTFE liner is available for HF or other specialty applications. The Easy Snap Cap eliminates vessel assembly providing the easiest to use digestion vessel available… One Vessel, One Cap, One Solution.

Chemist in a Box

Eliminate method development. The BLADE incorporates over 100 years of microwave digestion expertise into simple pre-programmed methods that take the guess work out of method development. The icon driven software makes it simple for users to navigate to recall past data, update the queue and even watch on-board training videos while the system is preparing samples. It is like having a CEM applications chemist in your lab.

Microwave Digestion System


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