Rapidly and accurately test moisture and fat in both wet and dry products in CEM’s new HYBRID Trac.

Rapid analysis is essential in the food industry where time is critical. The HYBRID Trac allows users to check moisture and fat values in minutes and gives them piece of mind that their product meets the required specifications before reaching customers.
The Best of Both Worlds
The HYBRID Trac combines the unique capabilities of both the SMART Trac II and the FAST Trac to create a system that can accurately, rapidly determine fat and moisture in both wet and dry products.   
For products that contain approximately 12% moisture or higher, the SMART Turbo microwave moisture/solids analyzer quickly dries the sample utilizing a direct method for moisture measurement. The same sample is then rolled in our Trac film and placed into the benchtop Time Domain (TD)-NMR for an 8-second fat analysis.    
With a quick touch of a software button the HYBRID Trac can switch to low-moisture mode and customers are ready to analyze products with ≤12% moisture. This mode features two of CEM’s most recent developments, QuikPrep and IFM (Interference-Free Moisture) Technology, which allow for optimal sample conditioning and accurate moisture determination over broad fat ranges, respectively. These are two technologies that cannot be found anywhere else in NMR analysis, offering the only 2-minute NMR fat and moisture determination available.

The system’s speed coupled with its ability to provide a more accurate analysis than NIR (Near Infrared) and other rapid analysis technologies can offer, puts the HYBRID Trac in a league of its own for wet or dry product fat and moisture analysis.  

  • Rapid determination of moisture and fat for both wet and dry samples
  • More accurate and robust than NIR
  • Results comparable to standard methods
  • No costly calibration maintenance
  • Create new methods with only 3 samples
  • Easily transfer methods from unit-to-unit and site-to-site
  • No solvents
  • Accurate results that are not affected by changes in additives, color, or granularity
  • Uses AOAC Official Method 2008.06
  • Intuitive, easy-to-use interface

Whether used in the lab or at-line, HYBRID Trac delivers the accuracy users need to ensure the highest quality in their products.