I need to digest over 200 samples a day, a mix of water, soils, and paint chips. What system do you recommend for me?

CEM offers several options for high throughput environmental and industrial hygiene applications.  MARS 6 with 55 mL MARSXpress vessels (for soils and paint chips) and 75 mL MARSXpress vessels (for water) can process up to 40 samples at a time.   If EPA methods 3015a (water) and 3051a (soils) must be strictly followed, the maximum number of samples that can be processed in a batch is approximately 24 due to the short ramp time requirement in the EPA methods.

Another option for soil and paint chip samples is the DV-50 High Throughput vessel which is a disposable 50 mL centrifuge tube.  52 samples can be processed at a time at ambient pressure.  Samples can be collected, digested, diluted, and analyzed from the same tube and then the tube can be discarded.