Increased Cream Savings in Ice Cream Production

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Ice cream is a staple of many US and European diets, and is one of the fastest growing industries in developing countries as a premium luxury food. Ice cream producers are constantly developing ways to stay ahead of the market with new flavors, packaging, and healthy alternatives to reach more customers.  One of the easiest ways to increase profits is to improve process control through more accurate fat testing equipment. With cream as the primary ingredient, and one of the most expensive, finding ways to reduce daily cream use, while still manufacturing a quality product, is critical to keeping costs down. Even better is using equipment that can not only test incoming milk and cream, but can also test in-process ice cream mixes, additives, finished flavorings, and any other sample at every stage of production. The ORACLETM is capable of providing solids and fat results for these products and more, all without the hassle and cost of recalibration, frequent maintenance, and service issues, such as tubes clogging or requiring dilutions. Using AOAC approved methods, the ORACLE is able to provide the most accurate results for a rapid analyzer, saving hundreds of thousands of dollars a year in production costs.