Large Scale Peptide Production Via Microwave Assisted Solid Phase Peptide Synthesis (SPPS): From Milligrams to Kilograms

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In this presentation, we describe a rapid and highly efficient method for scaling up the SPPS process using microwave technology. Microwave assisted SPPS has already established itself as the primary method to produce high quality peptides in the quickest amount of time [1]. Two different microwave peptide synthesizers are used to exhibit scalability, from 0.1 mmol to 500 mmol. The high efficiency scale-up process allowed for the incorporation of up to 48 amino acids per day at batch sizes up to 500 grams of purified peptide. Crude purity from R&D to production scale is preserved if not better and unwanted side reactions such as epimerization and aspartimide formation are easily controlled. The final result, easier purification and reduced labor cost.


[1] J. M. Collins, K. A. Porter, S. K. Singh, G. S. Vanier, Org. Lett. 16, 940 (2014).